Civil Engineering

Scientific Drilling International (SDI) focuses on delivering downhole solutions, targeting the growing challenges of the global drilling and survey market.

Industry Leadership

For over 30 years, SDI has provided a suite of tools and services for civil engineering applications that include:

  • River crossing navigation
  • Industrial utility drilling and,
  • Construction drilling and surveying

Operational Excellence & Reliability

Accurate placement of civil engineered directional crossings is important for public safety. Those involved with directional crossings should be knowledgeable about methods to locate existing underground utilities, survey tool selection, survey tool operation, and calculation methods. The directional drilling provider is often asked to install a new crossing in close proximity to a previously drilled installation which requires precise surveys to avoid collision. SDI’s primary solution for Civil Engineering projects is the Keeper Gyro Survey Tool. The Keeper uses our proprietary multi-mode, gyro survey system for high accuracy surveying at all angles. The Keeper houses a unique continuous gyro navigation mode allowing greater accuracy over conventional North Seeking systems. This configuration allows real time gyro navigation during oriented boring operations. It also provides the contractor with data to ensure the new installation is accomplished safely and without damage to existing utilities.

SDI recognizes the rising demand for greater control over wellbore placement, risk mitigation and public safety across civil engineering projects worldwide. To that end, SDI continues to improve their gyro technology and leverages the expertise of our core business to meet the growing demand of our customers.