Provided by SDI, Onshore Drilling Specialists

Scientific Drilling excels in providing quality well placement services to onshore drilling projects around the world. Our experience ranges from drilling single wells in remote locations to “factory” drilling as many as sixty wells from a single site location. Pad drilling, the process of drilling wells in a multi-well surface land location configuration, makes good sense from both an economical standpoint and from an environmental standpoint. The use of gMWD services are especially supportive to pad drilling operations because it allows for drilling with accurate positional data while in close proximity to offset wellbore.

For both remote and pad locations, SDI’s MWD kit can be configured as a combo kit comprising of a multi-hole size system that can transmit data with either mud pulses or electromagnetic signals. The E-Field electromagnetic MWD can be used from the upper drilling intervals and can be used to finish drilling the productive interval in most regions. However, when the formation does not allow for electromagnetic telemetry we can switch to a Mud Pulse telemetry with the same basic drilling assembly. The same instrument sonde can be used in 9-1/2”, 8”, 6-3/4”, 6-1/2”, 6-1/4”, 4-3/4”, 3-1/2” and 3-1/8” with only a few changes to the rubber fin centralizers and the pulser running gear.

In addition to drilling services, SDI provides Keeper rate-gyro systems for onshore drilling projects to survey the wellbore and orient downhole assemblies.

Offshore Shelf / Platform

Provided by SDI, Offshore Shelf Drilling Specialists

  • Solutions to Reduce Time & Risk
  • Detailed Project Planning & Survey Management

Scientific Drilling International (SDI) has considerable experience in the application of high-profile directional drilling projects around the world, including the application of directional drilling, high-accuracy gyro surveying and gyro MWD (gMWD) services on offshore platforms.

SDI provides cost effective directional solutions to help reduce cost and time required while operating in a safe and efficient manner. Detailed project planning is a key step in drilling new wells out from platforms as these platform structures sometimes have over 100 offset wells.

In addition, a detailed survey management process is equally important. It is critical to ensure that all wellbores are clearly defined in the planning database with the most recent and accurate measurements available.

Deepwater Drilling

Provided by SDI, Deepwater Drilling Specialists

Scientific Drilling has vast experience in deepwater directional and MWD/LWD services. In fact, SDI has directional drilled in excess of 300 directional deepwater wells in the Gulf of Mexico alone. Our reliable gMWD services have been used on surface interval batch drilling, sidetracks and whipstock orientations. In addition, our Sightline Keeper gyro survey system allows us to use a continuous gyro survey and orientation system in rough seas where a gyrocompass survey is not possible.

When the daily drilling cost (spread-rate) is at the very high level as deepwater operations, it is imperative they have the most rugged and dependable survey system on the market. For this reason most deepwater drilling Operators choose Scientific Drilling.

Inland Barge

Provided by SDI, Inland Barge Drilling Specialists

Scientific Drilling has been providing support to shallow-water marsh drilling applications for nearly forty years. Drilling wells in the wetlands requires a small operational footprint. The SDI MWD and LWD systems work very well in this application because the MWD system comes complete in a single tool box and the surface running gear can be simply set-up on any small desk space on the barge.

Our directional drillers, surveyors, and MWD operators are very experienced with drilling on inland barges and over the years have drilled some of the most challenging wells in the world from this type of drilling rig.