Vertical Drilling

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When drilling vertical wells one thing can be certain; there is no such thing as a vertical well.  All wellbores have a certain degree of deviation and correcting wells back to vertical can be quite challenging.

Keeping a well near vertical and returning non-intentional directional wells back to near vertical are services in which SDI Directional Coordinators and Drillers have considerable experience.

That experience includes kicking off cement plugs to correct a wellbore in a very hard formation where the challenge is the greatest.  In this situation, our crews utilize their experience in time- drilling techniques that ensure we get sidetracked on the first attempt.

Our low angle, high precision surveys help determine the location of the wellbore so that appropriate action can be taken to ensure the well is corrected to the best trajectory for the remainder of the drilling process.

As an additional service, we also provide Performance Drilling techniques by adding straight or slightly bent steerable motors to the assembly to increase penetration rates.