Scientific Drilling has been providing drilling, survey and logging solutions to the global mining industry for over 25 years.

Wellbores drilled in the coal mining industry are critical for the draining of natural methane gas from the seam prior to long-wall mining. The mining of methane gas preserves the environment as it otherwise would vent into the atmosphere. Methane is considered to be 20 times more harmful than carbon dioxide (CO2).

Operational Excellence and Reliability

SDI is dedicated to operational excellence by delivering a customer experience that makes it easy to do business. Our high-accuracy rate-gyro surveying technologies are often used for wellbores drilled in a variety of mining scenarios where accurate positional data is a requirement. SDI’s Keeper Gyro system is the world’s most accurate wellbore survey instrument and is considered to be the definitive survey in the industry.

In addition to the Keeper, SDI utilizes gyroMWD and EM-MWD technologies to deliver time and cost saving results for coal seam gas drainage and freeze-wall drilling projects.

Proven Performance

With recent success throughout Canada and Russia, SDI has established itself as a leader in freeze wall drilling applications for the mining industry.