Wellbore Positioning

Leading Expert and Preeminent Provider of Premium Wellbore Positioning Services.

For over 25 years, Scientific Drilling has led the industry in high accuracy gyro and magnetic survey services, providing you with the ultimate drilling confidence.

Since the introduction of the world’s first north-seeking gyroscope, we have been committed to innovative technology development to address the industry’s evolving well placement and risk mitigation challenges.

Industry Leadership

SDI holds a variety of leadership roles and remains active in industry organizations such as ISCWSA, SPE, IADC, and AADE. We are honored to play a key role in developing and validating the error models that become the industry standard for modeling survey uncertainty.

Operational Excellence and Reliability

We are dedicated to operational excellence through delivering the ultimate reliability and a customer experience that makes it easy to do business.

Our survey operators undergo rigorous and comprehensive training that consists of a combination of extensive hands-on classroom, and field training by our certified survey experts. We consistently deliver the highest quality of products and services through our proprietary TUF points preventative maintenance system and stringent series of calibration checks.

Proven Performance

SDI has an extensive portfolio of wellbore positioning successes, completing hundreds of surveys every month in some of the most challenging environments around the world. Our experience expands beyond wide range of markets, including oil & gas, geothermal, mining, and unconventional resources.

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Innovative Technology

We are proud to design and manufacture all components down to the sensor level, ensuring product integrity and performance. Our suite of Wellbore Positioning technologies and services include:

  • Keeper Gyro Survey Tools
  • Keeper Wireline Gyro
  • Keeper Slickline Memory Gyro
  • Keeper All Attitude Drop Keeper (AdK)
  • Floating Platform Survey Operations
  • Electronic Multi-Shot System (EMS)
  • Electronic Magnetic Steering System
  • Core Orientation Survey System


The Keeper gyro survey system provides enhanced flexibility for a wide range of survey applications with just a single sensor.  It features high speed options, close interval surveying in casing, drill pipe, and tubing in realtime and memory modes. It’s most notable sightline mode allowing continuous survey and efficient steering even on floating platforms where a standard north seeking gyro would be unable to operate.


The Keeper wireline gyro is recognized as a benchmark navigation technology and remains the most versatile high-accuracy gyro in the industry. Its unique sensor platform allows for continuous, high-speed gyro surveys in all casing, tubing, and drillpipe sizes.

With its robust and innovative fluid filled design, real-time steering operations are now possible, where a typical MWD would normally be unable to survive due to temperature or vibrations.


The Memory Keeper is an extension of the Keeper gyro surveying system.  It utilizes long life lithium battery allowing the well to be surveyed completely in memory, and then calculated once the tool is back on surface.  This tool is the optimal choice for operations in locations where access to wireline is either difficult, or cost prohibitive. In addition, coupling with an optional CCL/Gamma sensor allows full depth correlation.


The Keeper ADK is a smart drop tool for all-attitude operations including high-angle and horizontal pump-down applications.  The ADK drop gyro system bridges the technology gap between a conventional drop system and the definitive wireline multi-mode Keeper, allowing surveys to be collected while tripping out of the hole, increasing operational efficiency. This system also features a high speed mode, which eliminates the stationary time needed at each survey, delivering significant time and cost savings.


Modern north-seeking gyro technology requires absolute stillness during the in-hole survey initialization and gyro compass.  This can be very difficult to achieve on floating platforms and during near-seabed operations. SDI provides two unique solutions to address this challenge: The Sightline Keeper and the Locking Arm.


SDI provides an Electronic Multi-Shot System (EMS) which uses the same high accuracy gyro survey package as our MWD systems. This system is designed to be run with non-magnetic collars to survey during a trip out of the hole. The EMS features substantial onboard memory allowing survey runs in long hole sections.

The EMS system is also available in a high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) version. It delivers optimal performance in temperatures up to 600°F (315°C) and bottom-hole pressures up to 33,000 psi.


The Electronic Magnetic Steering System provides the ultimate reliability under the harshest of drilling conditions and supports a wide range of running gear configurations.

It features a 1″ O.D. solid-state downhole probe with a sensor package of tri-axis flux gate magnetometers and tri-axis fluid dampened accelerometers, providing an all-attitude survey/steering capability.

Data transmitted includes the required survey information, as well as continuous tool face, individual sensor outputs, temperature, total magnetic and total gravity field strengths.  Steering and surveying information is instantaneously transmitted to the remote drill floor readout.


Utilizing the Electronic Multi-shot System for Core Orientations allows directional core data without disruptions to your operation.  The advanced solid-state magnetic measurement system eliminates the need to stop coring and circulating for data points, greatly reducing the chance of jamming or differential sticking.

The variable delay mode and shot intervals makes it possible to have data points every 0.1 to 0.5 feet. This system features electronic downhole data recording and nonvolatile memory for optimal data retention.