gyroMWD Module Proven Successful

HOUSTON, TX – Scientific Drilling International (SDI) is proud to announce the success of their high accuracy gyroMWD module which has run tandem with a major service party’s Measurement While Drilling (MWD) services on several recent jobs.  Proven applications to date have ranged from whipstock orientation, multi-pad drilling and survey validation; with current markets including the Gulf of Mexico (deepwater and shelf) and US land.  Activity for the international markets is expected to build over the next couple of months.

Scientific’s gyroMWD Module, which launched early May, was developed to work seamlessly with third party MWD and Rotary Steerable Systems.

The gyroMWD Module is said to deliver the precision, productivity, and peace of mind that the market demands by:

  • Providing real-time gyro tool face. allowing precision surveying in the presence of heavy Magnetic Interference
  • Delivering optimal performance and reliability through proprietary TUF™ Preventative Maintenance System.
  • Reducing cost by enhanced ROP performance and reduced survey acquisition
  • Enabling operational efficiency through flexible BHA configurations

In a world of drilling uncertainty, have your next job powered by Scientific Drilling, making it Easy to do Business.

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