We are committed to providing the highest quality of services to our customers.

Scientific Drilling International’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

We are committed to providing the highest quality of services to our customers.

At Scientific Drilling we realize that…

  • Satisfied customers are more likely to do business with us in the future.
  • Satisfied customers solicit others to do business with us; their opinions carry more weight than all our company’s advertising combined.
  • Customers prefer to do business with companies that have a reputation for high quality and excellent customer service.
  • High-satisfaction companies spend less on service recovery.

For these reasons we…

  • Measure our clients’ satisfaction with our people, products, and services.
  • Follow-up when clients express dissatisfaction and determine the root cause.
  • Modify processes, programs, equipment, training when applicable.

We are pleased to provide our most recent actual Customer Satisfaction results  – the data below depicts the Customer Satisfaction Index for Q1 2017.





Service Representative 92.5% 90.2% 93.0%
Efficient and Timely Delivery 92.0% 90.0% 92.0%
Quality and Accuracy 91.0% 90.0% 91.3%
Product/Tool Reliability 91.3% 88.5% 89.5%
On-time Delivery 91.9% 91.0% 91.8%
HSE 91.8% 90.1% 92.9%
Overall Satisfaction 91.7% 89.6% 91.9%
Loyalty 91.0% 89.8% 92.1%

At Scientific Drilling we take customer advocacy seriously and utilize the “Net Promoter Index” to measure our success.

The Net Promoter is founded upon the following question:

How likely are you to recommend Company/Product to a colleague or friend?

Answers are grouped into three categories:

  • People who answer “7” or “8” on an 8-point rating scale are “Promoters”. They are people whose lives have been enriched by their relationship with the company; they make repeat purchases and talk up the company to colleagues and friends.
  • People who answer “6” are “Passives”. They are people that got what they paid for – nothing more, nothing less; they make few referrals and are likely to defect.
  • People who answer “1” through “5” are “Detractors”. They are people whose lives have been diminished by their dealings with the company; they may badmouth the company, make a nuisance of themselves, and will defect at the first opportunity.

The categories were derived from extensive research into people’s purchase behavior and loyalty.

We are pleased to provide our most recent Net Promoter Scores – the data below shows the Net Promoter Scores for Scientific Drilling from 2016-2017

2016-Q1 2016-Q2 2016-Q3 2016-Q4 2017-Q1 2017-Q2 2017-Q3 2017-Q4
Promoters 23 14 18 18 95 205 177 0
Passives 1 0 1 2 12 20 14 0
Detractors 2 0 0 2 1 11 4 0

Net Promoter Score