Scientific Drilling Announces Sci-Quest™, The Next Generation Probe-Based Resistivity Tool

HOUSTON, TX, April 15, 2013 – Scientific Drilling International (SDI) today announced the launch of its next generation probe-based resistivity tool, Sci-Quest™. Sci-Quest Resistivity provides a tailored and cost-effective solution for clients looking to collect resistivity measurements for uses in qualitative analysis such as geosteering or formation correlation. Sci-Quest™ Overview Video

“Sci-Quest is designed to operate at a higher temperature, delivering better power management and overall higher reliability”, said Asong Suh, Global Product Line Manager.

Sci-Quest targets what is important to the customer by providing:

  • Improved reliability, greatly reducing non-productive time
  • Enhanced data quality, ensuring accuracy and drilling confidence
  • Better power management enabling longer runs downhole
  • Innovative design allowing higher dog leg curves
  • Optimal performance at temperatures up to 302°F (150°C)
  • Premium serviceability delivering economical gain.

Sci-Quest’s innovative design allows complete flexibility for a wide range of applications. The tool is modular and connects seamlessly into SDI’s EM and Falcon Mud Pulse MWD. Sci-Quest combines a single set of electronics for all of the available BHA and collar sizes, reducing the amount of equipment on location.

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