Scientific Drilling honored for Drilling Excellence at the 3rd Annual Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Awards


Scientific Drilling proudly accepts the Award for Drilling Excellence. Left to Right: SDI’s Wes Shedd, Houston District Manager, Bill Beasley, Director of Southern U.S. Operations, Jim DiPierri, Houston Business Development Manager, Phil Longorio, CEO.

SCIENTIFIC DRILLING INTERNATIONAL (SDI) attended the 3rd Annual Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Awards and was presented the Award for Drilling Excellence on Thursday, March 19, 2015. The Annual Gulf Coast Gala was held at the Hyatt Regency Houston on March, 19, 2015, where hundreds of oil and gas executives gathered to celebrate Operational Excellence, Technology Innovations, CSR, Health & Safety and Environmental Stewardship.

The Award for Drilling Excellence rewards organizations that provide advanced drilling solutions to the energy industry utilizing the latest drilling technologies and techniques, while showing an uncompromising commitment to environmental impact mitigation. Scientific Drilling scored highest in the category, receiving remarks from the judges:

“Great technology in the area of navigation and geo-steering.”

“Scientific Drilling’s entry focused on their directional drilling expertise, innovation and accomplishments. Several case histories demonstrated their technology including Measurement While Drilling (MWD) to conduct a fish bypass and recover a wellbore and their Titan22 motor, which drilled a vertical, curve and lateral section in one run in record time.”

Scientific Drilling International (SDI) is the largest independent directional drilling and wellbore placement service provider with operations strategically located around the world.  SDI possesses a unique combination of both experienced professionals and an extensive portfolio of innovative drilling and production technologies. You can find more information about SDI at