Scientific Drilling Launches New Generation Drilling Motor

HOUSTON, TX, August 6, 2013 – Scientific Drilling International (SDI) announced the launch of its new generation drilling motor. The Titan TD is engineered as a one-trip system, with full rotational capability and ultimate reliability, and is designed to take you from kick-off to TD.

“Titan TD delivers the highest quality design for ultimate reliability while providing a short bit-to-bend solution,” said Bo Holland, Global Product Line Manager. “It is the new standard to the downhole motor market and a revolutionary answer to curve-to-lateral one-run challenges.”

Titan TD delivers the ultimate value:

  • Reliable and proven track record
  • Designed as a one-trip system
  • Fully rotatable in any section of the well
  • Effective dog leg capability driven by an innovative short bit-to-bend design
  • Effective hole cleaning and longer runs

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