Scientific Drilling Launches Next Generation Mud Pulse MWD System

HOUSTON, TX, April 2, 2013 – Scientific Drilling International (SDI) announced the launch of its next-generation mud pulse MWD system. The FALCON MWD offers superior reliability, precision wellbore placement, higher durability, deeper reach, and safer operations, all while allowing for faster drilling. FALCON MWD Overview Video

“FALCON MWD is a full-featured mud pulse MWD system, providing a telemetry mechanism for all other SDI MWD, gyroMWD, LWD rotary steerable and Smart Motor components,” said Ben Hawkinson, Global Product Line Manager. “The control module also has the capability to measure basic drilling dynamics as well as mud flow and rotation for the purposes of drilling optimization and power management.”

Overall features of FALCON MWD include:

  • Bi-directional mud pulse telemetry
  • Positive pulse (3-5 bits per second)
  • Full accelerometer and drilling dynamics package
  • Rugged thread mount throughout
  • Surface equipment and software upgrades
  • BHA sizes from 3 ½” to 9 ½”
  • Flow rates from 50 to 1500 gpm

The FALCON MWD also includes a new high speed telemetry mode thanks to significant improvements that have been made in both the uphole and downhole systems.

In addition, FALCON MWD leverages SDI’s True Utilization Factor (TUF™), a proprietary preventative maintenance process combining key environmental measurements collected while drilling. With a detailed understanding of component durability derived from thousands of hours of destructive system testing, TUF™ provides SDI a proactive edge in delivering customer confidence and superior reliability by ensuring that only the highest quality equipment makes it in the hole.

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