Cased Hole Solutions

The Ultimate Partner in Cased Hole Evaluation

Scientific Drilling International (SDI) is a leading provider of one of the most accurate and rugged Cased Hole Service (CHS) portfolios in the industry.  SDI’s suite of production and reservoir management tools operate seamlessly in difficult downhole conditions such as extreme temperatures, tight, cork screwed tubing, and severe casing corrosion.

The flexibility provided by designing, manufacturing and maintaining our tailored technology in-house has differentiated SDI as a Cased Hole Service provider in O&G, geothermal, unconventional and mining industries.  Our experience and portfolio proves that Scientific Drilling continues to deliver meaningful results to optimize production and reservoir management, making it Easy for the customer to do Business.


Key members of our Cased Hole Services product line team are active in the industry, serving as Board Members of the APOGCE, SPE Workshop Chairmen, SPE Technical Paper authors and active within the SPWLA and AAPG around the world.

CHS PL Brochure

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Our Cased Hole Service operators undergo comprehensive training that consists of extensive hands-on classroom and field instruction by our certified production logging experts.  A summary of our CHS Training program is available upon request.


SDI’s Cased Hole Services team has excelled recently in the Gulf of Mexico, Southwestern US, the Middle East, and all throughout North and South East Asia and Australasia.  Review our recent successes.


SDI designs and manufactures tool components down to the sensor level ensuring product integrity and performance. Our suite of Cased Hole Services and tools include:

Reservoir Evaluation

  • Memory Pulsed Neutron-Neutron 1.625” (MPNN)
  • Memory Pulsed Neutron-Neutron 1.69” (MPNN)

Flow Logging Services

  • Standard FLS – (1.375” – Standard SRO/Memory Production Logging Tool )
  • Vulcan™ FLS 1.44 – (1.44” – HT Memory Production Logging Tool)
  • Vulcan™ FLS 1.75 – (1.75” – HT SRO /Memory Production Logging Tool)
  • Vulcan™ FLS 2.25 – (2.25” – HT SRO /Memory Production Logging Tool))

Casing/Tubing Investigation

  • Vulcan™ MFT 60 (Multi-Finger Caliper (60))
  • Vulcan™ MFT 24 (AFTAT)
  • Downhole Camera Systems
    1. Color Video
    2. Multi-Shot Picture