Casing/Tubing Investigation

Vulcan™ MFT 60

Scientific Drilling’s Vulcan™ Multi-Finger Tool (MFT) 60 provides reliable and accurate data on the condition of the casing in high temperature wells (up to 600°F/315°C).  The tool extends 60 fingers to measure the minimum and maximum internal diameter of the casing, ranging from 5 ½” to 13-3/8” casing diameters. The Vulcan™ MFT 60 is ideal HT O&G or geothermal applications.

Delivering the Ultimate Value

  • Downloadable on-site for rapid verification of data and reporting
  • Delivers data in the most extreme environments
  • Fully electronic tool

Target Application

  • HT O&G and Geothermal completions
  • Collar separation identification
  • Corrosion and scale detection

Vulcan™ MFT 24

Scientific Drilling’s Vulcan™ Multi-Finger Tool (MFT) is an extreme temperature, high accuracy, high resolution caliper tool that provides detailed inspection inside the completion string.

With a finger sensor every 15°, large memory capacity and fast electronics, the Vulcan™ MFT 24 can sample 100 times per second.  This allows for better profiling measurements, offering detailed results.

The Vulcan™ MFT 24 comes in a standard temperature rating as well, the MFT 24.

Delivering the Ultimate Value

  • Integral casing collar locator
  • Compatible with SDI memory tools
  • In-house data analysis for rapid reporting
  • Samples 100 times per second

Target Application

  • Casing/Tubing evaluation
  • Corrosion and scale detection
  • Whipstock setting point determination

Downhole Camera Systems (Color video and Multi-Shot)

The Downhole Memory Camera systems are deployed by operators via slickline or coiled tubing conveyance, eliminating the requirement for costly electric line equipment.

Obtaining images and/or color videos of a wellbore obstruction or wireline fish allows operators to fully visualize the situation in the wellbore.  Validating the downhole issues help determine the best course of action, reducing overall risk and associated cost.

Delivering the Ultimate Value

  • Highly portable system
  • Visualize rather than just theorize
  • Significantly reduce risk and intervention costs


Target Application

  • Wellbore integrity inspections
  • Wireline and fishing operations
  • Scale build-up evaluation
  • Production in-flow identification