Reservoir Evaluation (Memory Pulsed Neutron-Neutron)

MPNN 1.62, 1.69, 1.75

Scientific Drilling's MPNN 1.625 is the slimmest, most compact memory pulsed neutron tool, making it the ultimate choice for restricted space and tortuous well applications.

The innovative and durable design ensures downhole reliability for applications such as gas/oil/water contacts, potential hydrocarbon zones, and time-lapse water saturation analysis.

The MPNN by design maintains statistical accuracy in low salinity formations, and is less dependent on the fluid type in the borehole to deliver accurate results.

The tool was developed to provide a cost effective way to run pulsed neutron logs and combines conventional pulsed neutron technology with dual He³ detectors. Data from the detectors are recorded to the downhole memory module, uploaded at the surface and used to calculate the borehole and formation components of the decay curve. In addition, the near and far total counts are overlaid on the log and provide gas or low porosity zone indicators.

Delivering the Ultimate Value

  • Compact design allows for easier wellbore passage
  • Includes integral Gamma Ray / Casing Collar Locator
  • Sigma measurement point maximizes data acquisition across interval of interest

Target Application

  • Gas/oil/water contact
  • Non-completed Hydrocarbon zone identification
  • Time-lapse water saturation