Titan 22

The Ultimate Performance Motor Solution

Scientific Drilling’s new Titan 22 performance drilling motor is designed for the most demanding drilling environments. Engineered to deliver reliability and durability across a wide range of applications, Titan 22 is the ultimate performance motor solution.

Customers in the unconventional resource markets around the world are pushing the limits of weight-on-bit and torque, straining the technology during interval drilling of these basins. Scientific Drilling’s Titan 22, rugged titanium flex shaft and bearing assembly has proven to meet this challenge and set a new standard for motor performance


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The Titan 22 drilling motor is designed to run with the highest torque power sections in the industry, providing optimal drilling performance in all sections of the well.

The Ti-Flex™ Titanium Flex Shaft and bearing assembly are a proven combination, delivering optimal reliability across multiple areas and applications.


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Delivering the Ultimate Value

  • Enhanced WOB capacity for increased ROP
  • Rugged driveline capacity in any section of the well
  • Short bit-to-bend for directional versatility
  • Robust design ensuring optimal performance when paired with PDC bits

Target Application

  • Extended reach laterals
  • Laminated Formations
  • Factory drilling in shale reservoirs