SCI-GAIN™ API Natural Gamma Ray and Inclination

The Sci-GAIN is an API calibrated tool that provides radial gamma ray and precision inclination measurements. The Sci-GAIN is positioned directly above the mud motor – delivering measurements that are closer to the bit than standard MWDs.

Because Sci-GAIN’s precision inclination measurement is 20-25ft (6-8m) closer than MWD inclination, it can be utilized by the Directional Driller during the build section for early monitoring of the mud motor output. While rotating, in the lateral, continuous inclination measurements can be used to monitor and maintain the wellbore trajectory.


Delivering the Ultimate Value

  • Provides API gamma ray inclination measurements closer than standard MWD
  • Supports all BHA sizes
  • Works seamlessly real-time with both MP and EM MWD

Target Application

  • Early Monitoring of Mud Motor Output
  • Geosteering
  • Shale/Non-Shale Determination
  • Lithology Identification
  • Offset Log and Formation Correlation
  • Casing and Coring Point Selection
  • Shale Volume Estimation