API Natural Gamma Ray

Scientific Drilling’s Sci-Gamma is a probe-based, API calibrated sensor that detects naturally occurring gamma radiations from the formation. It has been designed to be fully compatible with SDI’s MWD systems and supports all configurations. On the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA), Sci-Gamma is placed just above the motor enabling quicker reaction to formation changes.


Delivering the Ultimate Value

  • Supports all BHA sizes
  • Works seamlessly real-time with both MP and EM MWD
  • A High Temperature Option Available – Rated at 350°F (177°C)

Target Applications

  • Shale/Non-Shale Determination
  • Lithology Identification
  • Offset log and Formation Correlation
  • Casing and Coring Point Selection
  • Shale volume Estimation
  • Geosteering