SCI-DRIVER™ Near Bit Smart Motor

The Ultimate Geosteering Solution

Sci-Driver is a positive displacement mud motor housing an electronic payload that provides azimuthal gamma ray, inclination, RPM and vibration measurements 6-9 ft (1.8 – 2.7 m) from the bit. Using proprietary Wi-Sci “short-hop” communication, these measurements are transmitted to the surface real-time via Mud Pulse or Electromagnetic MWD system.

Sci driver-01

Delivering the Ultimate Value

  • Provides Measurements 9 ft. (2.7m) from bit
  • Proprietary “Wi-Sci” short-hop communication for real-time data
  • Full compatibility with SDI’s MP, EM-MWD, and LWD systems.

Target Application

  • Geosteering
  • Tight trajectory control applications such as sagd
  • Early payzone detection
  • Kickoff point identification
  • Casing and coring point selection