SCI-GUIDE™ Azimuthal Gamma and Inclination

Sci-Guide provides azimuthal gamma ray and inclination measurements close to the bit. It is an excellent tool for Geosteering helping to keep the bit within the “sweet spot” of the reservoir. On the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA), Sci-Guide is extended and placed just above the motor giving the client enough time to quickly react to formation changes. Sci-Guide can be run with any of SDI’s MWD and LWD systems in all configurations.



Delivering the Ultimate Value

  • Provides azimuthal gamma and inclination measurements closer than standard MWD
  • Supports all BHA sizes
  • Works seamlessly real-time with both MP and EM MWD

Target Application

  • Geosteering
  • Casing and coring point selection
  • Early monitoring of mud motor output for more efficient drilling