SCI-QUEST™ Propagation Resistivity

Sci-Quest is Scientific Drilling’s probe-based propagation resistivity technology. The tool has dual spacings (23 in. and 33 in.), operates at 2 MHz and provides four resistivity curves (two phase and two attenuation) with multiple depths of investigation with data acquisition as fast as one reading per second. Sci-Quest resistivity delivers the ultimate performance required for applications such as geosteering and formation correlation.


Delivering the Ultimate Value

  • Compatible with real-time with MP or EM MWD systems
  • Stand-alone memory logging mode
  • Dedicated battery power ensuring longer run times
  • Same probe supports 4.75”, 6.5”, 6.75” and 8” BHA sizes
  • Works in all mud types

Target Application

  • Geosteering
  • For Measurement After Drilling (MAD) applications
  • Formation Correlation
  • Early Payzone Detection
  • Kickoff Point Identification
  • Casing and Coring Point Selection
  • Offset well logs Correlation