Magnetic Ranging Services

Ultimate Precision and Performance

Scientific Drilling offers a suite of high-accuracy Magnetic Ranging services, delivering the greatest drilling precision and cost effectiveness available in the industry today.

Scientific Drilling offers Active Ranging techniques in combination with our industry-leading Passive Ranging service, MagTraC, to create a comprehensive and highly adaptable set of guidance services, which integrate seamlessly with any operation. This blended approach maximizes performance and flexibility, providing the best available solution for meeting and exceeding even the most ambitious operational and budgetary goals.

Our guidance services can be tailored to optimize production for a range of operations including frac salvage projects, steam assisted gravity drainage, coal bed methane production, and optimized lateral placement for multi-well-pad hydraulic fracture production. Scientific Drilling Staff work with you in determining the balance of active and passive ranging that will minimize non-drilling time, while maximizing drilling efficiency and rate of penetration.

Scientific Drilling offers the following Magnetic Ranging Services:


  • MagTraC MWD Ranging™ Passive Ranging System


  • MagTracer Active Ranging System
  • SynTraC Synthetic Survey
  • SurfaceTraC Surface to Downhole Ranging
  • BlackShark Intercept Ranging System


MagTraC MWD Ranging™ Passive Ranging System

Scientific Drilling’s MagTraC MWD Ranging™ is the preeminent solution to the industry’s toughest Wellbore Separation and Intercept challenges.

By isolating the earth’s naturally occurring magnetic field from its magnetic interference signature, the distance and direction to the target well or casing is determined.  MagTraC utilizes raw data obtained from MWD telemetry ensuring there are no disruptions to your operation.

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MagTracer Active Ranging System

Scientific Drilling’s MagTracer Active Ranging System is an innovative real-time magnetic ranging tool that is ideal for precision wellbore placement and collision avoidance applications.

This innovative solution provides seamless integration with SDI’s Falcon EM and MP MWD systems to determine the distance and direction between wellbores with exceptional accuracy, ensuring a more efficient and effective operations compared to other ranging techniques.

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SynTraC Synthetic Survey

Scientific Drilling’s SynTraC Synthetic Survey is a ground breaking active ranging solution that delivers an unmatched combination of performance and affordability in close proximity drilling and anti-collision applications.  This system provides relative positioning and tool face by referencing surrounding cased wellbores, without the need of additional tools in the drill string or invasion of target or reference wells.

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SurfaceTraC Surface to Downhole Ranging

The SurfaceTraC system makes use of a surface magnetic field source to generate magnetic signal which is detected downhole in the drilling well with Scientific Drilling’s MWD Eye sensor. By ranging to surface, a downhole position can be determined with great accuracy, and growing uncertainty typically associated with standard MWD surveying techniques is completely avoided.

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BlackShark Intercept Ranging System

Scientific Drilling’s BlackShark – Intercept Ranging System is designed for complex drilling operations including relief well and plug and abandon applications – where every second counts. This “No Access” active ranging system features state of the art magnetometers and electronics which deliver the most precise magnetic field measurement of its kind in the industry. With this enhanced sensitivity, the BlackShark system is able to identify an offset well at great distance, and subsequently allows for the tracking and intersection of the target tubular.

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