Intercept Ranging System

The BlackShark Active Ranging System, designed by Scientific Drilling, delivers relief well intersection, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming sidetracks.

BlackShark_ProductFlyer_Rev1_2Deployed via wireline, the BlackShark tool identifies the exact distance and direction from the relief well to the target well, delivering ranging data up to 200 ft from the target well.  When speed and accuracy matter most, the BlackShark Active Ranging System is the ultimate relief well and plug and abandon solution.




Also available in Spanish.  

Delivering the Ultimate Value

  • Designed to deliver first-attempt intersection, using precise ranging data and long range detection distance of up to 200 ft from the target well
  • Industry leading sensitivity and range greatly reduces the cost and time associated with a relief well operation
  • Utilizes the most sensitive magnetometers in the industry, which detect and measure the tool’s magnetic field at relevant spatial points
  • Determines the exact distance between wells, ensuring the most accurate relief well placement
  • Highly accurate system ensures the relief well achieves a precise position for milling or perforating the target well
  • Streaming, high-speed data allows for the calculation of the ranging result in real time
  • Considered the most accurate, long range tool on the market

Target Application

  • Relief Well
  • Plug & Abandonment
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Complex Completions
  • Ghost Well Detection