Synthetic Survey

The SynTraC Synthetic System, from Scientific Drilling, is a groundbreaking active ranging solution that delivers an unmatched combination of performance and affordability in close proximity drilling and anti-collision applications.

Synthetic Survey op 11

The SynTraC system provides relative positioning and tool face by referencing surrounding cased wellbores, without requiring additional tools in the drill string or invasion of target or reference wells.




Also Available in Spanish.

Delivering the Ultimate Value

  • Compatible with all major industry survey, steering, and MWD systems ensuring optimal operational flexibility
  • Supports data processing at traditional MWD survey stations, allowing real-time data transmission for a wide variety of ranging-while-drilling applications
  • Streamlined system design, enabling rapid mobilization with no additional downhole equipment required
  • High accuracy positioning and orientation data, mitigating collision risk in crowded drilling environments with extensive magnetic interference
  • Proven performance of over 120 successful jobs to date, demonstrating the reliability, safety, and drilling confidence of the SynTraC Synthetic Survey system

Target Application

  • Close Proximity (Twinning, Handrailing, Multi-well Drilling)
  • Wellbore Separation (Collision Avoidance, Kickoff Assurance)
  • Wellbore Intercept