Falcon EM


The Electromagnetic MWD system “E-Field” was introduced to meet the needs of the growing number of projects involving under-balanced drilling. Drilling on pure air, foam, mist, or similar compressible products precludes the use of normal Mud Pulse technology. E-Field also provides increased ruggedness during harsh drilling conditions since it has no moving parts.

E-Field systems use bi-directional communications and offer the advantage of very high data rates that are approximately four times faster than conventional MWD. Gamma, focused gamma, annular pressure and peak g-vibration monitoring are available with these systems.

Tools can be run in collar sizes from 3.125″ to 9.5″ OD and are available in a retrievable configuration when required.

E-Field Long Wire system for deeper projects

The E-Field long wire system allows the E-Field tool to be run deeper on drilling projects where the formation would have previously absorbed the electromagnetic signal downhole.