Falcon MP

The Falcon MWD is SDI’s next-generation mud pulse MWD system.

The Falcon MWD offers improved reliability, enhanced precision wellbore placement, higher durability, deeper reach, and safer operations, all while allowing for faster drilling.

Falcon MWD is a full-featured mud pulse MWD system, providing a telemetry mechanism for all other SDI MWD, gyroMWD, LWD rotary steerable and Smart Motor components. The control module also has the capability to measure basic drilling dynamics as well as mud flow and rotation for the purposes of drilling optimization and power management.



  • Bi-directional mud pulse telemetry
  • Positive pulse (3-5 bits per second)
  • Full accelerometer and basic dynamics package
  • Rugged thread mount throughout
  • Surface equipment and software upgrades
  • BHA sizes from 3 ½” to 9 ½”
  • Flow rates from 100 to 1500 gpm

The Falcon MWD system also includes a new high speed telemetry mode and incorporates better control in the pulser actuation mechanism that allows for automatic pulse width correction downhole.



TUF is an innovative and proprietary system measuring accurate quality parameters.

The monitoring process reduces the opportunity for fatigue failures due to running equipment beyond its rated life. It is a predictive model to pull electronic components from service before they reach a fatigue level.

The TUF system uses a points-based scheme to account for true tool life including temperature, vibration and hours of operation.

When a tool reaches its maximum TUF points, it is pulled from service and sent back to SDI for a complete rebuild to new status, according to strict manufacturing guidelines.

This results in more productivity and less downtime.