Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS)

SDI is poised to deliver a targeted suite of rotary steerable systems (RSS) designed to yield more efficient and smoother wellbores while solving economical challenges associated with directional well construction.

Our RSS tools are designed specifically for the challenges in the North-American land market with focus on reliability and serviceability. Connected via an electromagnetic (EM) short-hop to the SDI MWD tool, the tools can be operated below a conventional mud motor, thus providing the optimum in drilling performance and directional control.


Our suite of RSS technologies deliver the ultimate solution for your unique challenge

SRX 740

The SRX740 tool is SDI’s first generation RSS with a proprietary push-the-bit design and steers by extending and retracting its push pads so the tool is offset from the center of the wellbore in a controlled direction. The SRX 740 is designed for drilling operations in 8-3/4″ to 9-7/8″ wellbores and is a proven solution for low build angle, vertical control, slants well and s-shaped well drilling applications.

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SRX 650

The SRX 650 is an innovative Rotary Steerable System (RSS) engineered to enhance overall rate of penetration (ROP), while maintaining superior steering control.  It fully integrates with the Falcon Electromagnetic (EM) and Mud Pulse (MP) MWD systems and utilizes SDI’s proprietary Wi-Sci short-hop to deliver real-time downhole measurement for optimal wellbore placement.

The SRX 650 was designed to convert hydraulic energy from the drilling fluid into mechanical power required for steering and uses Lithium batteries to power the onboard electronics.  This system features three axis magnetometers and accelerometers to support autonomous steering and real-time near-bit inclination monitoring.  The SRX 650 also has Pressure While Drilling (PWD) sensors for Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) monitoring, enabling earlier detection of possible wellbore instability.

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Available Option

SDI is using its proprietary EM short-hop capability to develop interface modules to connect SDI’s MWD tool to RSS tools from several independent 3rd party suppliers. Receiving near-bit RSS information via SDI’s proven and reliable MWD technology significantly enhances the directional control when deploying these systems.