SRX 650

The SRX 650 is an innovative Rotary Steerable System (RSS) engineered to enhance overall rate of penetration (ROP), while maintaining superior steering control.  It fully integrates with the Falcon Electromagnetic (EM) and Mud Pulse (MP) MWD systems and utilizes SDI’s proprietary Wi-Sci short-hop to deliver real-time downhole measurement for optimal wellbore placement.

The SRX 650 was designed to convert hydraulic energy from the drilling fluid into mechanical power required for steering and uses Lithium batteries to power the onboard electronics.  This system features three axis magnetometers and accelerometers to support autonomous steering and real-time near-bit inclination monitoring.  The SRX 650 also has Pressure While Drilling (PWD) sensors for Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) monitoring, enabling earlier detection of possible wellbore instability.

Delivering the Ultimate Value

  • Enhances ROP for drilling optimization and efficiency
  • Real-time Wi-Sci short-hop support in oil-based, water-based and high chloride drilling fluid, increasing operational flexibility
  • Continuous steering above the bit, enabling drilling in the toughest dipped bed formations
  • Constant Rotational Mode delivering a smooth wellbore trajectory change and ensuring optimal wellbore quality
  • Field tested rugged design, ensuring maximum reliability and safe operations

Target Application

  • Long Reach Laterals
  • Directional Drilling
  • Near-Absolute Vertical Control
  • Superior Trajectory Control
  • Optimal Wellbore Integrity
  • Easing Completions
  • ECD While Drilling Monitoring