RigGRID (Real-time Data Service)

RigGRID™ is Scientific Drilling International’s (SDI) Global Real-time Information & Data service that provides access to rig data when and where you need it.

SDI’s RigGRID™ service provides the customer with remote access to real-time drilling activities by means of a secure web-based portal.  MWD, LWD, Directional Drilling, Geosteering and third party data are available to personnel authorized by the customer.  RigGRID™ utilizes WITSML as the data transferring protocol, making it possible to retrieve data that is compatible with industry-related software and applications.

The service promotes a real-time collaborative environment for faster decisions, minimizing non-productive time on the rig.  By enabling remote access to rig data, via an internet connection, the team of specialists and subject matter experts can monitor drilling activity through dashboard displays from any location and advise the rig site personnel on critical issues without delay.


  • Real-time management and visualization of drilling data
  • Collaborative tool for optimizing operations
  • Secure monitoring of rig site operations
  • Rig activity tracking
  • Instant communication network with authorized personnel
  • Secure access and transfer of data

The customer designates the team members that require access to the specific job and unique login permissions are provided.  Users can then login at any time, to monitor the well activity or respond to various situations.  The RigGRID™ portal can be accessed using a computer and most mobile devices.