Sci-Steer™ Geosteering

The Ultimate Geosteering Solution

Sci-Steer™ is a culmination of high performance technology, reliable software and expertise tailored to deliver the optimal wellbore placement. It combines the petrophysical response of SDI’s downhole sensors and the geological interpreted environment.

Sci-Steer™ uses both MWD and LWD data and combines it with the interpreted seismic to provide a 3D geological perspective of the drilling corridor in real time, thus mitigating risk and allowing the user to visualize the sweet spot of the reservoir as drilling progresses.


Targeting What’s Important

Sci-Steer delivers the ultimate value to the customer, by targeting what’s important:

  • Increasing production by ensuring optimal reservoir contact
  • Enhancing drilling efficiency with the integration of downhole data and the 3D geological database. This greatly minimizes non-productive time as it enables the customer to make faster, more informed decisions.
  • Allowing remote operation from any location for real-time collaboration with specialists.
  • Ensuring highly accurate data interpretation to help plan future wells
  • Improving reservoir drainage and hydrocarbon recovery that won’t negatively impact the long-term value of the field


Geosteering Elements

Requirements for a successful wellbore placement

Geosteering is a technique that requires real-time operations, geosteering specialists, Geosteering software, drilling systems, as well as MWD and LWD Sensors all interacting together for the successful wellbore placement.

Click Here to view a recent success story of how Sci-Steer helped the client plan future wells in Wyoming.


Geosteering Software

With Multi-Platform Support


Once all geological and petrophysical data is interpreted Real-Time visualization can be viewed the via web or mobile device.