Survey Management

Recognizing the growing concern around mitigating risk associated with inaccurate wellbore placement and collision, SDI offers a proactive approach to these concerns with a complete Survey Management solution. With the rapid evolution of unconventional resources plays and deepwater exploration, there has been a dramatic increase in the need for wells to be intentionally drilled in close proximity to other wellbores. This, coupled with the economic advantages and minimized environmental impact, has lead to operators to down-space their exploitation plans and place a greater emphasis on survey quality and accuracy. Leveraging the expertise and longstanding preeminence in wellbore surveying, SDI’s Survey Management process has proven to yield direct benefit to customers in the form of risk reduction, enhanced visibility of survey databases, and ultimately peace of mind for future drilling programs.

  • Pre-drilling survey diagnostic checks
  • Post-drilling survey diagnostic checks
  • Advanced QA/QC survey verification
  • Definitive survey final report
  • Archival survey packs
  • Relief Well Planning
  • Survey database collation