Well Placement

Provided by SDI, Well Placement Specialists

Scientific Drilling International (SDI) has the advanced drilling technology and experience it takes to optimize your well placements. SDI can maximize contact with the most productive parts of your reservoirs for hydraulic fracturing or the most effective intersections possible with natural fractures in conventional reservoirs.

SDI does it with state-of-the-art directional drilling, navigation and memory-logging services using internally developed technology managed by highly trained, experienced professionals.

Sci-Steer™ Geosteering Solution

SDI’s Sci-Steer™ real time solution combines data from MWD and LWD sensors and provides a 3D geolodical perspective of the drilling corridor.

SDI’s Sci-Steer™  real time solution combines data from MWD and LWD sensors and provides a 3D geological perspective of the drilling corridor.

Sci-Steer™, SDI’s ultimate wellbore placement solution, combines MWD survey information and LWD petrophysical data with the interpreted geological surfaces to provide a tri-dimensional perspective of the drilling corridor

This real time service allows you to stay within the sweet spot of the reservoir while mitigating risk associated with well placement and geological structural uncertainties. This optimizes production and recovery in conventional and unconvenctional plays.

Our drilling and MWD service crews can quickly mobilize and deploy to even the most remote drilling site anywhere in the world.

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