Well Planning and Engineering

Scientific Drilling is committed to ensuring our customers’ well planning efforts are accurate and successful on every project. Our planners and coordinators work directly with the client from the time the directional work is assigned; interacting with drilling and geology personnel to ensure the latest information and procedures are communicated and applied to the program. SDI also participates in well planning and pre-spud meetings, providing input and suggestions based on our vast experience and expertise.

By combining our customers’ well details with our directional drilling know-how and advanced software, we create customized well plans that include wellbore trajectory design, ellipse-of-uncertainty computations and anticollision analysis. When provided with drill string information, rig capabilities and expected drilling parameters, SDI is able to model static and dynamic drilling mechanics analysis such as torque and drag prediction, tension and available WOB charts, coefficients of friction computations, bit hydraulics, pressure losses and fluid velocities calculations.

Dedicated to continuous improvement, our team is constantly refining our well planning and drilling mechanics skills to deliver the most advanced directional drilling programs to our customers. Driving our commitment to provide a customer experience that makes is easy to do business.