gyroMWD Module

Introducing the Latest Development in Real-Time gyroMWD Technology

The gyroMWD Module, which launched in early May 2013, was designed as fit-for-purpose modular solution to be fully compatible with all industry-leading MWD and rotary steerable systems. Based on our Keeper technology, the gyroMWD Module offers reliable measurements which are backed by our robust quality system, extending from our manufacturing and calibration center, to our worldwide district offices and highly skilled operators at the rig site.

The gyroMWD Module delivers the precision, productivity, and peace of mind that the industry demands, as it:

  • Ensures precision downhole surveying in areas with heavy magnetic interference
  • Provides real-time true gyro tool face, precision inclination, azimuth, highside tool face, temperature, Earth Rate Horizontal, and QA Parameters  (delta ERH, Gyro Noise, Drift, and Bias) measurements using a stabilized sensor platform.
  • Allows continuous gyro tool face while sliding (provided that the tool string is configured accordingly)
  • Reduces cost through elimination of NPT from wireline orientation and survey check-shot runs
  • Enables operational efficiency through flexible BHA configurations

In a world of drilling uncertainty, have your next job powered by Scientific Drilling, making it EASY to do BUSINESS.

Recent Successes

gyroMWD Module Helps Orient Whipstock and Save Wireline Trip

  • Location: Gulf of Mexico – Shelf
  • This was the first job of the gyroMWD Module, and it proved performance in seamless communication with the third party’s MWD system.
  • The whipstock was oriented successfully and avoided the need for wireline surveys, saving the client an estimated 4-6 hours of rig time. Additional cost savings were delivered by supplying real-time gyro tool face, and eliminating the need for wireline steering.


gyroMWD Module Saves a Trip – Delivering Client Significant Time and Cost Savings

  • Location: Gulf of Mexico – Deepwater
  • This was the first job where the gyroMWD Module was integrated with a major service company’s RSS, and demonstrated its full capabilities.
  • Utilizing the SDI gyroMWD Module avoided a trip out of the hole; an estimated 15 hours roundtrip, and significant cost savings. The same BHA not only was used to provide comparison surveys, but also utilized to drill the new open hole. The gyroMWD Module’s innovative design allowed for flexible BHA configurations with existing MWDs, as well as precision LWD and RSS systems.


gyroMWD Module Provides Real-Time Gyro Tool Face, Eliminating Wireline Trip

  • Location: California
  • This was the first time the module was run in such a crowded environment and measurements obtained were not comprised, proving the module to be an ideal solution for multi-pad drilling.
  • The gyroMWD Module was not only able to provide real time gyro tool face in the presence of heavy magnetic interference, but it delivered significant cost and time savings by eliminating the need for wireline runs.