The Gyro Measurement-While-Drilling (gyroMWD) system redefines pad and close-proximity drilling operations by enabling high-accuracy surveying in the presence of magnetic interference when using an MWD tool.


The system consists of field-proven gyro and magnetic drilling sensor modules combined in a single MWD tool. In most cases, the gyro sensor is used until the well clears external magnetic interference sources, at which time the gyro can be put to sleep and the magnetic probe is used to complete the hole section without a trip.

The technology produces a tool capable of significant time savings over typical wireline conveyed gyros and conventional MWD tools. Additionally, gMWD eliminates the need to use wireline to acquire directional data while drilling, removing unnecessary hazards and personnel from the rig.

In addition to the obvious multi-well platform, top-hole scenario, recent projects have involved the system being used for whipstock setting/window milling operations where the tool is capable of remaining in-hole for the milling operation.

gyroMWD can be connected to SDI’s MP-MWD and E-Field systems.


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