SDI has vast worldwide experience in drilling horizontal wells, powered by a deep portfolio of survey, navigation and formation evaluation technologies, many of them unique to SDI.

Our technologies can assist in navigation and formation evaluation when drilling even the most complex wellbore trajectories.

SDI Directional Coordinators and Drillers use only the best and most appropriate technologies for a particular project. Their goals are to maximize drilling performance while minimizing the inherent risks involved with drilling horizontally; as well as to meet geological objectives, to respect legal boundaries and overcome economic challenges.

At SDI, we design and build all systems in-house, down to the sensor level. We build them for outstanding performance in the most challenging environments: extreme temperature, pressure, well depth, dogleg severity, drilling shock and vibrations. This allows us to create a tailored solution for our clients.

The activity level of horizontal drilling is currently at an all-time high. New technologies and techniques have made it a feasible option for all operators, from the smallest independents to the largest of the majors.

  • Optimized Performance
  • Precise Navigation
  • Tough Tools & Sensors