The gyroMWD module incorporates Scientific Drilling’s north seeking rate gyro into the leading MWD suppliers’ equipment, saving significant rig time and providing a safer working environment by eliminating wireline operations. Currently available are the gyroMWD Modules for BHGE, Halliburton, and Schlumberger.

Scientific Drilling’s gyroMWD Module was designed to provide seamless compatibility with existing MWD and rotary steerable systems. Based on our Keeper technology, the gyroMWD Module offers reliable measurements which are backed by our robust quality system, extending from our manufacturing and calibration center to our worldwide district offices and highly skilled operators at the rig site.

The gyroMWD Module delivers the precision, productivity, and peace of mind that the industry demands, as it:

  • Ensures precision downhole surveying in areas with heavy magnetic interference
  • Provides real-time true gyro tool face, precision inclination, azimuth, highside tool face, temperature, Earth Rate Horizontal, and QA Parameters (delta ERH, Gyro Noise, Drift, and Bias) measurements using a stabilized sensor platform.
  • Allows continuous gyro tool face while sliding (provided that the tool string is configured accordingly)
  • Reduces cost through elimination of NPT from wireline orientation and survey check-shot runs
  • Enables operational efficiency through flexible BHA configurations