High-Performance Rotary Steerable System for Unconventional Challenges

Designed to overcome North American land challenges, Scientific Drilling’s HALO high-performance rotary steerable system solves reliability and economic challenges, while yielding more efficient, smoother wellbores.

Built to complete vertical, curve and lateral sections in one run, it helps avoid costly trips and improves ROP. Operating at a maximum bit speed up to 350 RPM, the HALO RSS maximizes performance and reduces rig time.

The system maximizes wellbore exposure in the target zone by drilling curve sections with build rates up to 15°/100 ft. Its 3D advanced directional control system delivers unparalleled lateral placement.

Consisting of an integrated steering unit and MWD survey package, it is fully assembled and qualified prior to delivery to the rig site. This minimizes BHA assembly time and mitigates associated HSE risks.

For more information on improving your drilling efficiency-while staying on target-contact your Scientific Drilling sales representative.

Key Features

RPM Capability
350 RPM
(Motor Assisted)

DogLeg Capability

Automatic Directional Control
Full 3D Capability


  • Improves drilling performance: higher RPM limits
  • Maximizes reservoir exposure: high-build capabilities, up to 15°/100 ft
  • Enhances drilling efficiency: superior 3D advanced directional control system
  • Reduces handling risk and invisible time: integrated one-collar design


  • Magnetic referenced kickoff from vertical
  • Compatible with high-performance mud motors
  • Real-time azimuthal gamma ray measurements and near-bit navigation package
  • Continuous equivalent circulating density (ECD) via a real-time annular pressure sensor
  • Downlink commands are transmitted during drilling, while pulsing MWD data to surface
  • Real-time vibration readings: lateral, axial and stick-slip