Passive Ranging Case History

Passive Ranging Close Proximity Cavern Entry

Scientific Drilling uses a Passive Ranging service to break into the cavern close to the existing entry point.

Logging While Drilling Case History

BitSub Azimuthal Gamma Ray/Inclination sensor

Steering with BitSub in 11-Well Drilling Campaign

Scientific Drilling partnered with an operator to combine new at-bit steering tools for an 11-well drilling campaign.

Milestones & Technology

Magnetic Ranging

Complex Plug and Abandonment in Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

Industry-leading Active Magnetic Ranging Technology advances performance, even on 100-year-old wells. Meanwhile, the latest from Scientific Drilling takes us off the oil and gas channel into Los Angeles. Therefore, the active magnetic ranging technology offers a complete toolbox of technology. The BlackShark Active Magnetic Ranging system successfully positions on a compromised well. Furthermore, the well dates back to the 1900s. Requiring FIVE consecutive precision wellbore stops.

Cased Hole Services

Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) well integrity evaluation

Scientific Drilling’s Cased Hole Services technology again shows its reliability. For instance, it helps a client identify inconsistencies and evaluate well dependability.