Please be aware of questionable job offers that are not specifically affiliated with Scientific Drilling International.

Recruitment fraud from individuals or groups pretending to be Scientific Drilling International or claiming to represent Scientific Drilling International may be sent in a variety of formats, including e-mail, text, and letter. These messages often look legitimate and may include details of an alleged employment offer, such as job description, salary, and benefits.

The messages victims receive request them to provide their personal and financial information, provide copies of their government-issued identification, and/or send payment for application fees, processing charges or work permits.

Please be vigilant to fraudulent activity. If you have applied for a position with our Company, through a legitimate channel, we will have the information needed.


If you are unsure a communication you have received is legitimate, please review the guidance below:


  • Scientific Drilling International does not make job offers to candidates without performing a formal interview process.
  • All open positions available with Scientific Drilling International will be posted at
  • Scientific Drilling International will never request money for the opportunity to apply or work for our Company.
  • Scientific Drilling International e-mails always end in "". Any e-mail styled with Scientific Drilling logo but using a different e-mail format is not genuine.
  • Scientific Drilling International will never request a prospective applicant to e-mail information to an e-mail address not ending in "".
  • You should always question the authenticity of any unsolicited e-mails seeking money or personal details, irrespective of the e-mail address.


If you receive this type of suspicious text, email or instant messaging activity, please alert the FBI’s Internet Crimes Complaint Center: