Scientific Drilling's Cased Hole Services offers dependable and purpose-built technologies. These technologies are employed for various purposes, including assessing well integrity, determining flow profiles, and evaluating reservoir saturation. As a result, our technology is utilized globally to meet mass data acquisition needs in oil and gas and geothermal wells.

In-house tools

Scientific Drilling International offers licensed services dedicated to developing technologies that provide accurate and sensitive downhole measurements reliably and cost-effectively.

The in-house design and manufacturing, down to the sensor level, ensure product integrity and performance. This distinguishes Scientific Drilling International as a Cased Hole Service provider in the oil, gas, geothermal, and mining industries.

Providing downhole measurements is just one aspect of delivering valuable results to our clients.
/ Our Data Analysis Centers in Aberdeen and Bangkok transform data into meaningful information.
/ Scientific Drilling’s log analysts, with over 100 years of combined experience, have extensive exposure to the field environment and data interpretation.
/ The expertise and portfolio ensure you can rely on Scientific Drilling to deliver results, optimize production, maintain well integrity, and improve reservoir understanding.

Scientific Drilling International has a proven track record of reliability in harsh environments, including extreme temperatures, tight, corkscrewed tubing, remote locations, horizontal undulating wells, and corrupted, deformed well access issues. Bring your complex wells to us.

Our suite of Cased Hole Services and tools include Reservoir Evaluation, Flow Logging, Well Integrity, and Ancillary Services.

Interested in learning more about the importance of high pressure, high temperature, and the tool systems we use to address these challenges?

Watch a recap of our webinar on this topic.


Reservoir Evaluation

The MPNN tool is a cost-effective way to run pulsed neutron logs on slickline or coiled tubing. This short, slim tool string can get in many wells where larger competing tools may have difficulty accessing the zones of interest.

Flow Logging

The use of our lightweight tool strings in challenging environments enables clients to acquire data with minimal impact on the flow. These tools find applications in various scenarios, including flow profiling, detecting water or gas entry, leak detection, and conducting Selective Inflow Performance (SIP) assessments. Most importantly, they play a crucial role in determining current formation pressure and porousness, providing valuable insights for effective wellbore management and optimization.

Well Integrity

Our in-house caliper tools provide accurate and high-resolution measurements. The measurements troubleshoot issues of inconsistencies in the wellbore. A range of tools is available with temperature ratings from 428°F and 600°F (220°C and 315°C) for oil & gas and geothermal applications. In addition, we have cameras, short-interval gyro surveying, and visualization software to understand better the well. We detect irregularities, deterioration, and leaks inside the tubing or casing early.

Ancilliary Services

Scientific Drilling can also provide Wireline (slickline or electric line), capillary tube services, broaching, fishing, fluid sampling, FreePoint Backoff, plug/packer setting and Perforating.
Additional visualization technologies are available including electromagnetic thickness, acoustic scanning and array production logging tools.