Scientific Drilling also provides Wirelines services (slickline or electric line) and various third party services as required by clients in different markets.

Third party services currently offered for various clients around the world include;

  • FreePoint Backoff
  • Perforating
  • Plug/packer setting
  • Broaching
  • Fluids sampling
  • Fishing
  • Capillary tubing services
  • Electromagnetic thickness
  • Acoustic scanning
  • Production Logging Array tools

Downhole Camera Systems (Color video and Multi-Shot)

The Downhole Memory Camera systems are deployed by operators via slickline or coiled tubing conveyance, eliminating the requirement for costly electric line equipment.

Obtaining images and/or color videos of a wellbore obstruction or wireline fish allows operators to fully visualize the situation in the wellbore.  Validating the downhole issues help determine the best course of action, reducing overall risk and associated cost.