Scientific Drilling's Gyro Measurement While Drilling (gyroMWD) systems draw upon decades of experience, offering a survey program that is both reliable and accurate, instilling complete peace of mind. Whether navigating through offset wellbores in a congested field, orienting a whipstock for kick-off, or validating surveys using multiple MWD data sets, Scientific Drilling's gyroMWD systems provide comprehensive solutions. As a trusted partner, Scientific Drilling prioritizes dependability and precision in various drilling scenarios.


SDI’s gyroMWD technologies are pivotal in enhancing safety, reducing personnel exposure on the rig, and achieving significant time savings, thereby optimizing drilling programs. These technologies enable high-accuracy drilling even in magnetic interference and provide survey redundancy in non-interference zones.


SDI stands out as the ultimate partner at the forefront of wellbore positioning, meeting industry demands and exceeding expectations. Recent projects showcase the versatility of gyroMWD technologies, including:

/ Batch set top hole drilling with ZeroPOB in a remote region.

/ Deepsea whipstock orientations and casing exits.

/ High inclination / high latitude operations on offshore platforms.

/ Complex collision avoidance in high-angle trajectories.

/ Advanced wellbore surveying in a relief well intercept.

Our gyroMWD tools offer versatile connectivity options, allowing them to seamlessly integrate the leading directional providers’ MWD/ LWD and RSS systems. Additionally, they can operate within Scientific Drilling’s Falcon MP and Falcon EM systems.



URSA, Scientific Drilling’s state-of-the-art high-angle solid-state gyroMWD sensor, is a testament to precision and innovation. Constructed using SDI’s proprietary solid-state gyro sensors, URSA redefines survey accuracy through an optimized system built on extensive experience. The robust and ruggedized system, named after one of history’s most iconic navigational aids, symbolizes strength and resilience.

URSA is available in various configurations, serving as an integrated module within our directional partner’s MWD systems or utilizing SDI telemetry. With service packages ranging from complete to ZeroPOB (Zero Personnel On Board), URSA gyroMWD offers unparalleled flexibility for precision wellbore placement. It boasts industry-leading angle capability, positioning itself as a cutting-edge solution for achieving optimal well trajectories.


Keeper gyroMWD

The Keeper gyroMWD system, powered by Scientific Drilling’s reliable north-seeking spinning mass Keeper Gyro, instills drilling confidence by facilitating precision surveying, even in the presence of magnetic interference. This advanced system not only offers preventative measures for collision avoidance but also provides peace of mind through its capabilities as an advanced survey system.

The Keeper gyroMWD system is adaptable to various drilling environments and is available in different configurations. It can serve as an integrated module within our directional partner’s MWD systems or utilize SDI’s proven telemetry. With over twenty years of industry use and acceptance, SDI’s Keeper gyroMWD systems deliver a robust and dependable solution for accurate surveying while drilling.


Scientific Drilling's gyroMWD module systems integrate industry-leading north-seeking rate gyro technologies into the equipment of leading MWD suppliers. This integration not only saves significant rig time but also contributes to creating a safer working environment. The gyroMWD module systems offer an optimized package, enhancing the efficiency and safety of drilling operations through the incorporation of cutting-edge gyro technology into existing MWD equipment.

Scientific Drilling’s gyroMWD Module designs are seamlessly compatible with existing MWD and rotary steerable systems. These modules work harmoniously with our Keeper and URSA technology, offering reliable measurements. The robust quality system extends from manufacturing and calibration centers to the global operations network, ensuring consistent and accurate performance in diverse drilling environments.


The gyroMWD Module delivers the precision, productivity, and peace of mind that the industry demands, as it:

/ Ensures precision downhole surveying in areas with heavy magnetic interference

Provides precision, dependable, and repeatable measurements using a stabilized sensor platform, high-accuracy survey inclination, and azimuth. Real-time steering true gyro tool face and high side tool face, temperature, Earth Rate Horizontal, and advanced QA Parameters measurements

/ Allows precision continuous gyro tool face for complex steering

/ Lowers costs by saving rig time and optimizing drilling procedures

/ Enhances operational efficiency by supporting flexible Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) configurations



As a modular add-on to leading MWD/LWD and RSS systems in the industry, Scientific Drilling’s URSA gyroMWD Module seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art high-accuracy solid-state gyro surveys with dependable quality assurance. Prioritizing both current and future industry needs, SDI’s URSA solid-state technology stands out as the most accurate gyroMWD system, packaged in a flexible solution.

This advanced system delivers world-class accuracy even in the presence of magnetic interference and includes preventative measures for collision avoidance, ensuring peace of mind. URSA gyroMWD Modules are adaptable to meet global requirements, offering a reduced footprint, substantial rig time savings, and a continually expanding feature set. URSA gyroMWD represents the ultimate solution in precise wellbore placement.


Keeper gyroMWD

As an modular extension to industry-leading MWD/LWD and RSS systems, SDI’s Keeper gyroMWD Module ensures accuracy in the presence of magnetic interference. It incorporates preventative measures for collision avoidance, enabling drilling operations to stay on schedule and maintain precision in wellbore placement.