Scientific Drilling's Research and Development (R&D) centers in California, Texas, Germany, and Canada house a dedicated team of over 80 scientists, engineers, and technicians. This team actively designs, engineers, builds, and manufactures the company's directional drilling and wellbore navigation technologies. The collaborative efforts of these professionals contribute to the continuous innovation and advancement of Scientific Drilling's products and services.


Scientific Drilling distinguishes itself as the sole company in the wellbore navigation/directional drilling industry that constructs all systems in-house, down to the sensor level. The company’s commitment to in-house manufacturing and development is highlighted by its innovative and forward-thinking technology development group, which plays a crucial role in the company’s success. This approach allows Scientific Drilling to maintain control over the entire development process and ensures a high level of innovation and quality in its systems.


Scientific Drilling’s technologies encompass state-of-the-art electronic sensors designed for downhole measurements. These sensors find applications in various scenarios such as borehole surveying, wireline steering, MWD/LWD production logging, directional drilling, and more.

We boast an extensive portfolio of key technologies and services, with over 50 issued and pending patents providing protection in the US, UK, and Canada. With almost 50 years in the industry, Scientific Drilling has established itself as a reliable provider of innovative technologies.

These technologies have been utilized on projects demanding precise performance, ranging from the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico to the challenging northern waters of the North Sea, and across major shale formations in the USA. As both unconventional and conventional drilling become more challenging, Scientific Drilling International’s professional engineers continually strive to find innovative, cost-effective solutions that enhance overall drilling performance.



The majority of our product offerings encompass a range of advanced technologies for various drilling applications. Thess include borehole surveying instruments (both gyroscopic and magnetic), MWD (measurement while drilling) / LWD (logging while drilling) systems, rotary steerable technologies, innovative drill motor designs, and production logging systems.


Scientific Drilling employs continuous evaluation and assessment methods to provide practical engineering solutions to complex drilling challenges. The company maintains ongoing collaborations with top universities to develop and refine drillstring models and leverage data analytics for drilling optimization.

In this pursuit, Scientific Drilling utilizes patented static/dynamic Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) analysis software. This software, along with advanced modeling tools for down-hole component design, allows for a comprehensive authentication process. The result is the development of more robust drilling systems capable of handling the most extreme environments. This commitment to innovation and collaboration contributes to the company’s ability to address and overcome the challenges posed by challenging drilling conditions.