The Keeper gyro survey system provides enhanced flexibility for many survey applications with a single sensor. It features high-speed options, close interval surveying in the casing, drill pipe, and tubing in real-time and memory modes.

Keeper Wireline Gyro

Recognized as a benchmark navigation technology is the Keeper wireline gyro. On the other hand, it remains the most versatile, high-accuracy gyro in the industry. In short, the unique sensor platform allows continuous, high-speed gyro surveys in all casing, tubing, and drill pipe sizes.

Above all, with its robust and innovative fluid-filled design, real-time steering operations are now possible. Most importantly, a typical MWD would not usually survive due to excessive temperature or vibrations.

All Attitude Drop Keeper Gyro (AdK)

The Keeper ADK – smart drop tool for all-attitude operations. For example, including high-angle and horizontal pump-down applications. However, the ADK drop gyro system bridges the technology gap between a conventional drop system and the definitive wireline multi-mode Keeper. Moreover, allowing surveys to be collected while tripping out of the hole. In short, it increases operational efficiency. This system also features a high-speed mode, eliminating the stationary time needed at each survey. Furthermore, delivering significant time and cost savings.

Sightline Keeper Gyro

Modern north-seeking gyro technology requires absolute stillness during the beginning of the in-hole survey and gyro compass. Indeed, providing this cannot be easy to achieve on floating platforms and during near-seabed operations. SDI provides two unique solutions to address this challenge: The Sightline Keeper and the Locking Arm.

Memory Keeper Gyro

The Memory Keeper is an extension of the Keeper gyro surveying system. It utilizes a long-life lithium battery, allowing the well to be surveyed entirely in memory. As a result, calculating the tool once it is back on the surface. This tool is the optimal choice for locations where wireline access is either difficult or cost restrictive. In addition, connecting with an optional CCL/Gamma sensor allows complete depth correlation.


Combining the Keeper Wireline Gyro with select 3rd party production logging tools allows SDI to collect a gyro survey. Therefore, cutting expensive rig time nearly in half compared to running each service individually. For instance, paring the tool with Cement Bond log tools on contractor replaceable. In short, OnePass runs in real-time, allowing continuous feedback on tool performance. Utilizing contractor electrical interconnects and pressure housings ensure seamless integration for flawless service delivery.