The Keeper gyro survey system offers increased versatility for numerous survey applications utilizing just one sensor. It incorporates high-speed functionalities and allows close interval surveying in casing, drill pipe, and tubing, available in real-time and memory modes.

Keeper Wireline Gyro

The Keeper wireline gyro stands out as a benchmark navigation technology, asserting itself as the industry’s most versatile and high-accuracy gyro. Its unique sensor platform enables continuous and high-speed gyro surveys in casing, tubing, and drill pipe of all sizes.

Notably, the gyro’s robust and innovative fluid-filled design opens the door to real-time steering operations, a capability that sets it apart. This is particularly significant as traditional Measurement While Drilling (MWD) systems might typically struggle to survive under conditions of excessive temperature or vibrations.

All Attitude Drop Keeper Gyro (AdK)

The Keeper ADK is a smart drop tool designed for all-attitude operations, making it suitable for high-angle and horizontal pump-down applications. The ADK drop gyro system is a technological bridge to the comprehensive wireline multi-mode Keeper, unlike conventional drop systems. This innovation allows surveys to be conducted while tripping out of the hole, enhancing operational efficiency.

Notably, the system includes a high-speed mode that eliminates the stationary time typically required for each survey, resulting in significant time and cost savings. The Keeper ADK contributes to more streamlined and cost-effective surveying processes.

Sightline Keeper Gyro

Contemporary north-seeking gyro technology demands absolute stillness at the onset of in-hole surveys and gyro compass operations. Achieving this calm environment can be challenging, especially on floating platforms and during operations near the seabed. SDI offers two distinct solutions to tackle this challenge: The Sightline Keeper and the Locking Arm.

Memory Keeper Gyro

The Memory Keeper serves as an extension of the Keeper gyro surveying system. It is equipped with a long-life lithium battery, enabling the comprehensive surveying of a well entirely in memory mode. The calculations are then performed once the tool is back on the surface. This tool becomes the preferred option in locations where wireline access proves challenging or cost-prohibitive. Additionally, when paired with an optional CCL/Gamma sensor, it facilitates complete depth correlation.


By integrating the Keeper Wireline Gyro with specific third-party production logging tools, SDI can efficiently conduct a gyro survey, significantly reducing expensive rig time, almost by half compared to running each service separately. For example, pairing the tool with Cement Bond log tools is feasible through contractor replaceable options.

In essence, the OnePass system operates in real-time, providing continuous feedback on tool performance. The utilization of contractor electrical interconnects and pressure housings ensures seamless integration, guaranteeing flawless service delivery. This integrated approach not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to cost savings in the overall operation.