With a focus on addressing North American land challenges, Scientific Drilling’s HALO high-performance rotary steerable system actively tackles reliability and economic difficulties. As a result, it not only resolves these issues but also yields more efficient and smoother wellbores.

High-Performance Rotary Steerable System

Purposefully designed to seamlessly navigate through vertical, curve, and lateral sections in a single run, the HALO RSS not only minimizes the need for expensive interruptions but also enhances the Rate of Penetration (ROP). Furthermore, with a remarkable maximum bit speed of up to 350 RPM, the HALO RSS optimizes performance, contributing significantly to a reduction in overall rig time.


  • Performance drilling
  • Extended-reach wells


  • The high RPM limit enhances drilling performance, contributing to improved efficiency and effectiveness in the drilling process
  • The build rate capability of up to 15°/100 ft provided by the system maximizes reservoir exposure in the target zone
  • The system enhances drilling efficiency through its superior automated lateral/3D advanced directional control functionality, providing precise and effective control during drilling operations
  • The integrated system design of the HALO rotary steerable system reduces handling risk and invisible time, contributing to a more streamlined and efficient drilling process


  • Magnetic referenced kickoff from vertical
  • Compatible with Scientific Drilling’s TITAN 22 highperformance mud motors, as well as third-party motors
  • Real-time azimuthal gamma ray measurements and near-bit navigation package provides continuous feedback
  • Real-time continuous equivalent circulating density (ECD) measurements enable continuous hole cleaning monitoring
  • Downlink commands can be transmitted during drilling, while pulsing MWD data to surface
  • Real-time vibration readings: lateral, axial and stick-slip