A goal we hope to achieve is to reach zero incidents as the expected "normal" result of operations.

Target 10

In February 2015, Scientific Drilling launched its new HSE Management System known as Target 10. The primary objective of this management system is to sustain a dynamic safety culture that encourages employees to actively participate in the prevention of incidents. Target 10 is comprised of ten focus areas (targets) which are scaled to suit the size and scope of our organization. It serves as the foundational program for our continual improvement efforts in HSE across the enterprise. Each target includes standards (minimum requirements), work instructions, forms, checklists, and training materials.
Target 10 not only helps define and standardize our risk-based processes, it functions as the primary method used to communicate the company’s HSE expectations to our employees. These expectations, called “Target Commitments”, represent the safe work behaviors each employee is asked to demonstrate while performing their duties.

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Driving & Transportation Safety
  • I will wear my seatbelt and ensure all passengers do the same
  • I will not drive distracted
  • I will not operate a vehicle if impaired by fatigue, drugs or alcohol
  • I will assess hazards before driving. I will submit a journey plan for all medium and high-risk journeys
Incident Management
  • I will report incidents and near misses to my supervisor immediately
  • I will not take photographs of an incident scene without authorization from the HSE Director
  • I will not share incident details with external parties (e.g., social media) without authorization from the HSE Director
Safety Culture
  • I will take personal responsibility for my safety
  • I will intervene when I observe an unsafe behavior
  • I will report all unsafe behaviors and unsafe conditions
  • I will not react defensively when someone intervenes to correct my unsafe behavior
  • I will acknowledge my co-workers’ safe behavior
Hazards Management
  • I will complete a job hazard analysis and conduct a pre-job safety meeting prior to commencing work
  • I will wear all required personal protective equipment
  • I will not begin a permit-required job without an approved permit
  • I will pause before starting each task and perform a personal risk assessment
Dangerous Goods / Hazardous Substances
  • I will not handle dangerous goods unless specifically trained to do so
  • I will review safety data sheets prior to handling hazardous substances
  • I will store dangerous goods and hazardous substances in accordance with approved procedures
Workplaces, Tools, & Equipment
  • I will practice good housekeeping in my workplace
  • I will not place any part of my body in the line of fire
  • I will use approved tools and equipment for the job
  • I will not stand in the path of a moving load or underneath a suspended load
  • I will not override/disable safety critical equipment or remove a safety barrier
  • I will not operate tools or equipment unless trained and, if required licensed to do so
Safety Communications & Training
  • I will begin every meeting with a safety moment
  • I will attend and actively participate in safety meetings
  • I will communicate safety alerts to my co-workers
  • I will always complete the appropriate safety and technical training prior to performing a new task
Emergency Preparedness & Response
  • I will be familiar with the site-specific emergency actions at my worksite
  • I will provide emergency assistance/support within the scope of my training
Health Management
  • I will not work in an environment containing known health hazards unless trained and equipped to do so
  • I will consult my HSE representative before traveling abroad to determine the health protection requirements at my destination
Environmental Management
  • I will report spills, releases and leaks to my supervisor immediately
  • I will label and use containers and storage areas appropriately