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Real-time LWD Resistivity for Accurate Coring Point Selection

August 26, 2022

Scientific Drilling's Probe-based Resistivity Tool (PRT) provides an operator with critical formation evaluation data in real time, allowing the operator to make confident and accurate decisions while drilling.

High-Quality PLT and MFT Data from Ultra Hot Gas Well

August 23, 2022

Scientific Drilling provides a North Sea HPHT well operator with a high-temperature dual-technology Cased Hole Logging Solution. Therefore, completing the operator's production logging objectives in a single run.

Optimizing Lateral Length with Acoustic Sensors in ULT tool

July 13, 2022

Scientific Drilling's Unconventional Logging Tool (ULT) tool uses acoustic sensors to estimate porosity for optimal completion length.

Chasing Sub-Seismic Sandstone Reservoirs with At-Bit Azimuthal Gamma Ray and Inclination

June 27, 2022

Scientific Drilling’s BitSub tool enables an operator to implement proactive geosteering methods in a sub-seismic sandstone reservoir.

At-Bit Inclination Allows Consistent Curve Doglegs for Fiber Optic Casing

April 28, 2022

Scientific Drilling’s Smart Motor provides operator with real-time at-bit inclination and the ability to proactively monitor motor yields.

Technology Introduction: Unconventional Logging Tool (ULT)

March 29, 2022

Scientific Drilling is proud to announce that the field testing phase of the ULT is complete and is moving forward with the commercialization of this unique approach to reservoir logging.

Real-Time Pore Pressure Prediction Using ULT’s Sonic Measurement

March 29, 2022

Scientific Drilling's ULT sonic measurements provide operator with real-time data, allowing them to carry out well-informed and intelligent decision making while drilling near an overpressured zone.

ULT Determines Fracture Communication Between Wells

March 29, 2022

ULT provides high-resolution data for an operator's pad, improving their geomechanical models and allowing them to optimize well spacing and completion techniques.

ULT Logs Wellbore Stresses in Close Proximity to Saltwater Disposal Well

March 29, 2022

ULT stays downhole for 7.5 days, capturing uninterrupted high-resolution logging data of wellbore stresses in close proximity to saltwater disposal well.

ULT Images Fracture Orientations Adjacent to Fault in Permian Basin Lateral

March 28, 2022

Scientific Drilling's Unconventional Logging Tool (ULT) provides client with high-resolution ultrasonic images of fault system interesting the lateral.