Scientific Drilling International (SDI), its division, and its partners are committed to conducting business with the highest integrity and ethics. We emphasize compliance with the letter and nature of all appropriate laws, rules, and regulations.

Code of Conduct

Scientific Drilling’s Code of Conduct guides our employees’ actions by the company’s values. For example, it helps our people do the right thing and obey the policies wherever we operate worldwide.

Trade Compliance Policy Statement

SDI’s Trade Compliance Policy Statement reflects our commitment to our code of conduct and ethics. For example, SDI acknowledges that failure to meet trade agreement requirements can have significant consequences. Moreover, these include damage to SDI’s reputation, monetary penalties, and suspension of SDI’s exporting or importing privileges. Therefore, we are committed to implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving our trade compliance program.

Anti-Corruption Policy Statement

Scientific Drilling’s Anti-Corruption Policy Statement reinforces our zero-tolerance stance on bribery and corruption. The Statement instructs our employees to act professionally, maintaining integrity in all business transactions and interactions globally.

Whistleblower Protection Policy

Scientific Drilling’s Whistleblower Protection Policy allows our employees and customers to raise genuine concerns about potentially illegal or unethical acts within SDI. For example, the Policy encourages people to communicate good faith concerns to our Compliance Group.

Expectations for our Suppliers and Contractors

Scientific Drilling’s foundation is built on our values, guiding actions, and distinguishing the company. Most importantly, we expect our suppliers and contractors to adhere to the laws and regulations in all countries where we do business.

Reporting Concerns

Establishing a Good faith process for submitting good faith concerns regarding violations of these policies may be submitted to our Compliance Group.