Scientific Drilling has established itself as a proven leader in providing Survey Management services globally.

Acknowledging the growing concerns related to mitigating risks associated with inaccurate wellbore placement and collision, SDI takes a proactive stance by offering a comprehensive Survey Management solution. The evolving landscape of unconventional resource plays and deepwater exploration has led to a significant increase in intentional drilling of wells in close proximity to others. This strategic down-spacing, driven by economic advantages and reduced environmental impact, underscores the heightened importance of survey quality and accuracy.

Drawing upon SDI’s expertise and longstanding prominence in wellbore surveying, the Survey Management process has demonstrated tangible benefits for customers. These include risk reduction, improved visibility of survey databases, and, ultimately, peace of mind for future drilling programs. SDI’s commitment to delivering accurate and reliable survey solutions aligns with the industry’s evolving needs, particularly in scenarios where precise wellbore placement is critical for operational success and safety.

  • Pre-drilling survey diagnostic checks
  • Post-drilling survey diagnostic checks
  • Advanced QA/QC survey verification
  • Definitive survey final report
  • Archival survey packs
  • Relief Well Planning
  • Survey database collation

We offer a range of services to support your team, and to help mitigate risk through;


  • Focusing on the fundamentals. Survey Database Quality Assurance
  • Scaling the Solution to the Activity or Size of the Project. Scoping assessments and training of in-house staff
  • Managing Risk and Quality. Custodianship of the survey quality life cycle process