Scientific Drilling is committed to the prevention of any incident with potential to injure people, damage property, or harm the environment.

Safety – “We Live It”

Safety – “We Live It” is an overarching core value at Scientific Drilling that influences every aspect of our business, including operations, sales, equipment design, vendor selection, and purchasing.

Employees at every level of our organization take on important responsibilities that, when fulfilled, collectively contribute to our culture of safety and help prevent incidents.

– Executive Management

Executive Management is responsible for providing workplaces which are free from recognized occupational hazards. This requirement is achieved by implementing systematic, risk-based processes which integrate effective controls and continually improve operational safety.

– First-line Managers and Supervisors

First-line Managers and Supervisors are accountable for communicating, training, and enforcing health, safety, and environmental policies. This supervisory group is also responsible for ensuring workers employ all necessary safe work practices to prevent incidents and comply with applicable governmental regulations.

– Employees and Contract Workers

Employees and Contract Workers are responsible for “actively” participating in HSE related programs, being accountable for their personal safety, and safeguarding the wellbeing of their colleagues.

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